National Association of British Arabs (NABA)

NABA is an independent British organisation working for the interests of the Arab community within Britain. The Arab community in the UK originates from most of the Arab League countries. The majority have moved to the UK in recent years, although Arabs had formed settlements in the British Isle since Roman times and old Canaanites (Phoenicians). In the third century CE an Arab settlement was to be found in the north east of England (currenr day South Shields) which was Arabeia by the Romans.

NABA works to build bridges with the indigenous population in addition to other ethnic groups to promote a greater sense of shared purpose for furthering multi-ethnic co-operation within Britain. In addition, it seeks to initiate better collective communications with local and central government and NGOs to address the difficulties faced by Arabs within Britain in respect of unemployment, racial discrimination, under-representation, etc; many of which stem from the lack of awareness of Arabs as a vibrant part of UK society. We seek to do this both independently and in collaboration with other ethnic groups by establishing dialogue with both indigenous and other groups for improved understanding and harmony and by making available comprehensive information services on the Arab presence in the UK.

NABA works to support the integration of Arabs in the UK into all aspects of British life through their positive collective and personal contributions, both socially and professionally,whilst retaining the unique Arab identity of language and culture. This has been sadly eroded by various factors.

NABA endorses freedomem of speech in the Arab world and the emergence of locally designed democracies which suit the social and cultural fabric of individual communities. However, it refrains from any involvement in the internal political affairs of the Arab world and addresses only humanitarian issues of Arabs worldwide.

NABA is non-sectarian and non-political and welcomes all views and standpoints. Membership is open to all individuals and organisations interested in Arab culture and affairs. It welcomes the multiple identities of its members and the positive contributions that entails.

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