British Syrian Society

Since its inception in 2003, the British Syrian Society (BSS) has worked consistently and very effectively to foster relations at all levels between Britain and Syria through a wide range of social, cultural, business and other public events both in the UK and Syria which include lectures, conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

The BSS is a not for profit membership based organisation and one of the most active British-Arab NGOs.

The BSS has organised major international events including a series of Banking and Financial Conferences (2004-2008), a groundbreaking Legal conference in association with the Law Society and the American Bar Association (2007), the Syrian Culture Week in London (2004), visits to Syria by delegations of British and European parliamentarians (2004-2009) and, since 2005, the Annual Sir David Gore-Booth Lecture which has attracted a number of distinguished British diplomats and politicians as speakers.

The BSS has also worked in association with prominent British institutions such as the Royal Academy, the Royal Geographical Society, The V&A and the British Museum to raise awareness of Syrian culture in the UK and has been a significant supporter and partner to the Phoenicia Expedition.

The BSS has about 500 British and Syrian members; it is committed to nurturing economic, cultural and educational relations between the two countries. Board members, who are elected, are drawn from both Britain and Syria.

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