Queens Gynaecology Clinic

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96 Harley Street
+44 (0) 207 935 5540


accessible by public transport and it is usually possible to park on the street outside. Our elegant and homely surroundings have been carefully designed to help our patients feel relaxed and comfortable.

Queens Gynecology Clinic Harley Street is accredited by all major medical insurance companies in Britain and we receive all medically insured patients from around the world. Telephone lines are open 24 hours and are answered by qualified medical and paramedical personnel who have a full range of knowledge in order to be as helpful as possible to patients when they call. We have all the major in-house services including the most advanced ultrasound scanner, electrosurgical equipment (hyfrecator) and microscopy facilities. We undertake minor gynaecological procedures such as insertions and removal of coils, treatment of cervical erosions, polyp and wart removal on the premises. We have a computerised system designed to obtain patient records instantly and we have affiliated consultants in other specialities should patient require referral. We have laboratory facilities (TDL) with immediate results to enable us to carry out our diagnosis and treatment in a very short period of time (could be few hours) or 48 hours if culture is required.

We carry out our work in accordance with the policy and procedures which are controlled by the protocol of the National Care Standard (NCS) for Good Practice. We are proud to claim that we are adherent to all the policies of the NCS.

We have regular auditing to ensure the maintenance of good practice and also attend all the major conferences in our field in the UK and worldwide. We are medically insured with Medical Protection Society (MPS) and have a continuous professional development program; all our consultants are accredited and we have full registration with the GMC.

Our senior surgeons are accredited by major hospitals in London. Specifically, we operate in The Wellington Hospital, one of the most prestigious private hospitals in the UK. Our surgeons also operate in other hospitals around UK, as well as overseas.

Our patients can be confident in receiving the highest level of care and attention, and can look forward to the best possible outcome of their treatment. Our staff are very friendly and we are able to speak a wide number of languages including Arabic, Russian, French and others (more information on request).
Website: www.queensgynaecologyclinic.com