International Arabic School in London

Our aim at the International Arabic School is to teach children in the Arabic language in a way that enables them to not just read and write, but to use their language skill in everyday life.

We use a range of literature, visual aids and language games in order to educate children in a stimulating and exciting atmosphere.

We follow the Lebanese curriculum and all our books are carefully selected to deliver the language in small clear stages.

All abilities are welcome from beginners to the Arabic to more advanced speakers and our teachers have a minimum of 15 years experience each.

Classes consist of a small number of students (12 maximum) with some classes having the benefit of a teachers assistant available for extra guidance and support.

When a student enrolls with us, they are each provided with a complimentary text book, work book and the necessary folder for each class.

Registration procedure

There will be a short informal assessment of the child’s knowledge of Arabic to enable us to place them in the correct class according to their ability.

Term Dates 2018/2019

Term 1

15th September – 15th December 2018

(Half term - 27th October 2018)

Term 2

12th January – 30th March 2019
(Half term - 16th February 2019)

Term 3:

27th April – 6th July 2019
(Half term - 1st June 2019)

School Fees 2018/2019

Our fees are per term and due before the school term has begun and include all textbooks, workbooks and homework books supplied. There will be a charge for replacement of lost books. We offer a 15% discount to siblings.

Elementary Class £300 per term.
All other years £320 per term
College Park Road
Garway Road, London
Postcode: W2 4PH
United Kingdom