Arabs are not Funny

After a very successful sold-out 26 editions, Arts Canteen’s Arabs Are Not Funny is back with very interesting line-up of comedians, representing the Arab world and surrounding regions, looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents.

This show is widely regarded as one of the hottest comedy nights among the Arab community and beyond. Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong!

Six comedians hand-picked from London coming together
If you like controversial, modern chat, these comedians will bring it in spades.

Line Up :

- Mo Magaleo:

A young comedian from Morocco who grew up in the UK. He
offers his observations on the cultural differences between the two, wider
society as a whole and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

- Yazz Fetto

A comedy writer and performer. He has written for BBC Radio 4s 'Dead Ringers' and has developed sitcoms for both TV and radio. He is also one half of Christian sketch comedy duo The Monks. As a stand up, Yazz both MCs and performs at gigs across the country. He was a semi finalist in English Comedian of The Year 2018 and was second place in both Comedy Knights Stratford East and the Comedy and Mics Competition 2016. His comedy focuses on his Iraqi heritage, Christianity and culturally mixed family.

- Mustafa Fecto

Mustafa been performing regularly in the London circuit for the last 2 years. He knows he doesn't know much and he loves talking about it. He came in 3rd place at Laughing Horse New Act of The Year for 2018 where he was reviewed as having "a welcome fluidity" and an "engaging presence" as well as "the other judges were more enamoured than I".

- Nabil Abdulrashid (guest)

Nabil is arguably one of the most dynamic original and creative young talents of his generation, within two years of performing he had written his own TV show as well as starred in it and set comedy clubs a blaze across the UK with his energetic take no prisoners style and rapier wit.

“Nabil has been a professional stand up comic for over six years and has appeared on ITV, BBC2, Channel 4, Channel AKA, London Live, 5 Live, The Islam Channel, British Muslim TV & much more.

He’s toured the UK and abroad as a stand up comedian, Holland to Tanzania as well as a motivational speaker and has had over a million views on YouTube from his social commentary.

- Mo Saffaf (MC)

Damascus-born, London-bred comedian. Being British-Syrian, his material aims to shine a dark yet charmingly satirical light on the political and cultural arena but also his own shortcomings in life.

"Comedians with roots in the Arab world attempt to prove the naysayers wrong" Time Out

- Cansu Karabiyik (guest)

Of Kurdish descent, raised in Denmark and based in
Cambridge. She’s best known for her ability to make (white) people
uncomfortable with her social commentary. In 2018, she was a BBC new
comedian award nominee.

“Cansu Karabiyik, a relative newcomer to comedy whose style of humor seems
to lure you into a false sense of security, before hitting you with a jab
of slight discomfort followed by a left hook of gasp-inducing irreverence.”


Rich Mix London

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8.2.2019 at 20:00


Arts Canteen